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The Journey Continues Part 12
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Author:  bigal60 [ Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  The Journey Continues Part 12


looks like the FTSE doesn't know whether it's coming or going at the moment - massive swings on a daily basis for no apparent reason. Still, I managed a small recovery on my portfolio today which gained about £50, so fair enough...

My favourite share (PETRA DIAMONDS) dropped another 3.5 points, but I'm not too bothered as I'm confident it will regain its upward momentum within a few days. NAUTICAL PETROLEUM dropped 1 point which is totally insignificant compared to its recent stratospheric gains (I still haven't caught up with raising the stop on this share yet!). There were several other losers but none of any great significance.

On the plus side best performer today was TT ELECTRONICS PLC which has always been a steady and reliable share; this was 7.5 points up. I have 6 x contracts so a solid gain of £45 in one fell swoop. Oh yes, one stop out today was ASCENT RESOURCES for a loss of £20. Ah well it was a bit of a punt, some you win, some you lose, as they say...

Account funds £2100 (ish) so still holding out quite well for the moment.

See you tomorrow, think it might be a reasonable day.. Big Al

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